Since 2008, the Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE) has invested in hundreds of young professionals nationwide to enthusiastically and confidently contribute to the success of their company, community and career.

Through the sustained sponsorship of Dulye & Co., the management consultancy owned by DLE founder Linda Dulye, an inclusive, innovative, informative curriculum has been developed to inspire rising leaders’ career and life success. Training in critical skills and networking is offered at no cost to DLE Community Members, whose diverse representation by industry, geography, vocation and expertise is a distinctive dynamic of the organization.

From its founding year through 2016, the DLE was conducted in partnership with Syracuse University, Linda’s alma mater, to answer the acute need for learning and networking to successfully transition college graduates into their first jobs.

In 2017, the organization moved forward independently with an expanded focus on coaching Millennials and Gen Zers to achieve career ownership. Concurrently, the DLE established its home base in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts and honed its mission: to advance rising leaders and economic vitality in the Berkshires and beyond through premiere professional development.

Today, the DLE has responded to the isolating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic with its largest offerings of skills workshops, networking exchanges, instructional videos and career coaching that connect curious, motivated young professionals to each other and their personal developmental needs.

New members are welcomed weekly by an Advisory Board of active alumni and founder Linda Dulye, who continues to manage and underwrite pioneering programming that cultivates new thinking, confidence and commitment to grow and give back.

Become a community member and gain these four dividends that make the DLE truly distinct: