With thousands of community members and alumni over its 13-year span, the Dulye Leadership Experience (DLE) is well grounded in success. This premiere leadership development and networking program inspires young professionals from across America to enthusiastically and confidently contribute to the success of their company, community and personal career.

Developed by Linda Dulye and generously underwritten by her firm, Dulye & Co., the DLE offers unique opportunities to improve the critical skills and connections for leading people and projects

The program’s annual Gen Now Retreat delivers actionable strategies and gritty advice from a dynamic, diverse network of corporate executives, emerging entrepreneurs and respected thought leaders.

Supplementing this transformative symposium are year-long special events, online learning, expert coaching, and a nationwide alumni network.

The DLE started in 2008 in partnership with Syracuse University to provide training, coaching and an extensive professional network to help college graduates successfully transition into the workplace. The program’s signature leadership retreat debuted with its home base in the Berkshires.

In 2017, the DLE’s retreat shifted focus to motivated young professionals (generally under 40) feeling stuck and uncertain in their career progress—and hungry to hone core leadership skills and meaningful connections.

An impressive 80% of Gen Now participants step up in their companies and their communities within months of attending the retreat.